Dubai Desert Classic Betting

A general view of the final scoreboard at the Dubai Desert Classic on the Majilis Course at Emirates Golf Club on February 4, 2007There are several diverse types of golf bets that can be placed at all PGA tournaments. As with any golf contest, the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic betting odds need to be carefully considered.

The most popular types, ‘Betting to win’, ‘Show bets’ and ‘Match-up betting’, are explained below. However, it is also possible to make combination bets.

Betting to Win

Placing money on a specific player to win the tournament is the most familiar type of Dubai Desert Classic betting. Odds are usually much better if a bet is placed a long time before the event as it is harder to judge the performance of players so far in advance. The top seeded players for a competition will be given odds by a bookmaker, which will evidently change as the tournament date draws closer.

Show Bets

It is also common practice for punters to place a number of ‘show’ bets on players. This means that if the chosen golfer finishes within the top four positions of the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic, the gambler will collect a payoff. Naturally the odds on a show bet are significantly lower than a winning bet. For example, if bookmakers are offering odds of 6/1 for Tiger Woods to win the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic, they might offer 2/1 on a Tiger Woods show bet.

Match-up Betting

Bookies produce a head-to-head struggle between two specific players in a tournament. Essentially, the golfer that finishes the contest in a higher position is declared the winner.

A typical match-up golf betting line for the Dubai Desert Classic would look similar to the example below, with the favoured golfer indicated by the negative:

Previous Winners

There are many factors to mull over when placing your Dubai Desert Classic bets.

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